Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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“ I have tried all the other parking solutions, but none of them could compare to these results. I’ll be using them for all my adult typein domains...”
Los Angeles, CA
“...We welcome all new clients to submit a testimonial to our program if you are satisfied with the product. We are still in beta testing so when we have more testimonials we will add them...”
DPC Staff
Fort Lauderdale, FL

We offer only the best in accurate state of the art realtime statistical reporting in order to allow you complete ease in manageing and maximizing the profit potential of your adult domain portfolio. Below you will find only a small selection of the features from our stats reporting system.

  Ext. Category Tracking
  Referral Breakdown
  Niche Analysis
  Traffic Averaging
  Sponsor Breakdown
  Site Specific Breakdown

In order to assist you in quickly & easily maximizing your domain portfolios true earning potential, we provide a plethora of specially designed tools to catapult your success to a whole new level. Below is a sample of some of these tools available to you as a DPC Member.

  Domain Auto Matching
  Domain Analysis
  Preppared Templates
  Custom Templates
  Detailed Overture Report
  Intuitive Human Interface

Below is a list of domains currently using the Domain Players Club Solution to maximize their revenue. Each domain is seeing from 150-200% click out rates to sponsors. We currently service over 25,000+ domains in our solution.

  Thousands more..