November 17, 2018
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“...i tried all the other parking solutions, but none of them could compare to these results. I’ll be using them for all my adult typein domains...”
Los Angeles, CA
“...We welcome all new clients to submit a testimonial to our program if you are satisfied with the product. We are still in beta testing so when we have more testimonials we will add them...”
DPC Staff
Fort Lauderdale, FL
We are an established Domain acquisition with 5-6 year experience. We have very close partnerships with many successful companies in the Adult Market including (,, etc..). All have paid out millions of dollars to affiliates. Our company know how to handle large servers with lots of traffic, so be rest assured your portfolio will be in good hands with us. Not only do we have experience handling large projects, we are also avid Adult domain buyers. This system was created to handle all our domains, but we have also decided to open it up to a select few people to also enjoy. It has been tweaked and fine tuned over the past year of development, and we feel we have created the best possible solution for Adult domains.

Domain Players Club currently lists over 6,000+ paysites in every possible niche, and over 1,600 sponsors to choose from. We have a full time guy researching and adding new sponsors and new sites so our DB continues to grow at a steady pace. We also monitor all sponsors for dead sites or sponsors who go out of business and we rid them of the system so you don't waste any of your traffic.

- Comparative Matching
Comparative matching is just what you need to be as hands off as possible with your domains and let our system handle everything. If you have a domain called and a similar paysite in our system is called right when that site gets picked up by our system it will redirect it to the correct site Automatically. If there is no site that matches the domain, then it looks to Comparative Match it with a category in our system. For example: Site wouldn't match any site in our system but would match a category "Teen". This site would automatically instantly show a Teen related Landing Page with the top converting teen sites in that market.

- Traffic Tracking/Domain Breakdowns
If you choose to use our Category Breakdown Soltuion, we offer in-depth domain stats. For Example: If your site is and you use our Category Breakdown solution, it will display the top 5 "Asian" sites and depending on the template you choose 15 Asian sites on the right collumn. If your site receives 300 visitors for the day, we display the total # of outclicks received from those 300 visitors. That then breaksdown to a full list of every site listed and how many visitors clicked on each site. Very valuable information in finding what sites are of interest to your surfers, and which ones are not. From are experience, if you have a type-in adult domain, using our category solution you should see anywhere from 130-170% outclicks from your visitors. Contact us for real data generated from our domains using our Category solution .

- Monthly Data on Domains
As an added bonus we have just implemented our monthly overture tracker that compiles data for all domains in your portfolio that have received over 50 hits for the current month. If a domain doesn't receive over 50 hits/month we are assuming its is 0 or wrong ;) Just an added value bonus to maybe give you a headstart on which of your domains are increasing in value and which ones are declining.

Many More Features Inside..
The list goes on and on of all our advanced features. Signup for a new account, and we will be more then happy to walk you through our system to help you get a full understanding of how it works and how you can maximize your domains with our solution.