November 17, 2018
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“...i tried all the other parking solutions, but none of them could compare to these results. I’ll be using them for all my adult typein domains...”
Los Angeles, CA
“...We welcome all new clients to submit a testimonial to our program if you are satisfied with the product. We are still in beta testing so when we have more testimonials we will add them...”
DPC Staff
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Q. What is the "Domain Players Club"?
"Domain Players Club" is a fully designed Adult Domain Parking Solution. Our Non-Adult Solution is currently in the works, but will be a long way away from full release. We are focusing our efforts and parking solution to maximize all our clients adult domains most effectively.
Q. What makes you different from all the other domain parking solutions: i.e DomainSponsor, Fabulous, GoldKey, etc.?
We provide your domains with CPA (Pay Per Signup/Recurring) sponsors who pay you per action. All other domain parking solutions pay per click as far as we are aware. We match your specific site with its niche to give you maximum returns on every domain parked in our solution. Premium accounts get full account reps that will design templates for their domains to suit their goals with our system. We are considering a CPC solution where we can buy the traffic, but we can discuss that depending on our clients needs.
Q. How Much Does it Charge to join DPC?
Its 100% Free to join "Domain Players Club". We provide this solution for all our domains and are allowing select companies to utilize our system to increase their revenues.
Q. If its FREE to join, So how do you make money on this product?
Our goal in this product is to build close relationship with all the large ADULT domain players in this business. Read the "About Us" to get a better understanding of who we are and what we are about. Although some of them are competitors in a sense, we're all here for one reason. "To Make Money!". We feel Domain Players Club is the solution that will make you the most money for your traffic. On the other hand, since we do offer this service for FREE, the one thing we will request is that you promote our "Webcam" site on your template when applicable (of course you will get paid for all traffic sent to it). We also have a big adult dating program in the works, and when we release it, we hope that you will help us by adding 1 line of text on your template, i.e "Find a Fuck Date in City, State" (which you'll obviously get paid for as well). We also have our referral link codes to sponsors who offer referral programs that we hope you use when signing up for new programs you are not a member of.
Q. You have to signup to over 1,600 sponsors to use your system?
No, you can use as many or as little as you like in our system. We exclude listings from all sponsors you don't have a referral ID for.

The one problem we have found is that there is a vast abundance of sponsors to signup for. If you are a premium domain owner (read below), we will provide a service to signup for all of the 1,600 sponsors in our DB free of charge. There are currently over 700+ sponsors who use ccbill as their affiliate program so signing up to those programs is rather easy and you will be ensured you are being paid out because ccbill handles all payouts. Some people will choose to only use 20-30 webmaster programs and that is just as easily accomplished. We exclude all sponsors you don't have affiliate accounts at so you dont lose any traffic.
Q. How do I become a premium member? and what are the benefits?
Premium Members to DomainPlayersClub are clients with very large portfolios. This is subject to our view of your portfolio, so there is no hard data to specify if your portfolio is set for premium status. All Premium members will have the following options available to them if they choose to use them:

   Direct SMS/Email contact with the owners in case of any problems with our system
   Access to an in-house designer to design custom templates or headers for domains
   Option to have us manage full account for them
   Be first in line for any new and custom features released..

All clients will be taken care of. We just offer these to our premium accounts to allow them the best possible service we can offer.
Q. I want to join, but your signup form isn't open?
This is a private club for people with High Traffic Adult domains. We are keeping it private so that we can provide the maximum level of dedication and support to all our clients to help them really maximize their portfolio using our solution. If you have lots of high traffic adult domains, please "Contact Us" and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours with a link to the signup form so you can get started using "Domain Players Club" right away.